8 Reasons Why Apple Inc. (AAPL) Is Doomed

Before getting into those reasons, let's review Apple's latest numbers. During its holiday quarter, Apple sold 5.5 million more iPhones than expected and earned $18 billion in profit. Total revenue of about $75 billion was 12% more than expected. Moreover, revenue in China soared 70% to $16.1 billion. And its potential for growth there is significant since it has four stores there now and plans 40 by mid-2016, according to the Washington Post. Insidermonkey experts made a article of 8 reasons why Apple is doomed.

Apple shares have had a good run that has driven them to a higher price/earnings ratio than Apple's long-term earnings growth rate forecast. Some months ago, we countered a bullish article about Apple AAPL +0.94%. After blowing through its fourth-quarter earnings on January 27, that bullish case is looking pretty strong. But in revisiting that column, still see eight reasons why Apple is still more doomed than you think. You can also check our list of these best selling apps for iPhone and iPad.

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