8 Most Ridiculous Laws in North Korea

There are many fascinating countries around the world–in fact, we’d wager that there aren’t any truly boring places. But one of the most bizarrely “can’t look away from the train wreck” places in the world is North Korea. Now, there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about the country, and sometimes it can be hard to separate the fact from fiction. Still, we like to try, right? Insidermonkey experts made a list of 8 most ridiculous laws in North Korea.

To the West, North Korea is something of a curiosity, a relic of a bygone era, but for the people who reside there, it’s a brutal place to live. From state-mandated haircuts to being arrested for the crime of stealing a sign, North Korea basically takes every horrible totalitarian stereotype and dials it up to 11. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we found a series of twenty photos and facts about North Korea have been making the Internet rounds! But we wanted to know more! You can also check our list of 10 Most Evil and Hated Dictators of All Time.

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