7 Best Gadgets for Home Security in 2017

A smart home requires smart protection. In an effort to attain modern-day home security, manufacturers are pushing the bar higher by making their home-monitoring devices smarter and more powerful. Rather than splurge an insane amount of money on CCTV systems that require expertise to install, why not check out these affordable alternatives instead? Insidermonkey experts made a list of the best gadgets for home security in 2017.

In this list, we have smart locks that can be unlocked with a smartphone app for easy access while assigning time-specific keys to guests, friends, tenants etc; smart devices with multiple sensors, high-resolution cameras; even devices that learn your daily routine so they can figure out what isn’t routine. Most of these devices will alert you of any intrusion and allow you in turn to alert authorities right from their app. You can also check our list of these 10 Best Things to Buy on Amazon Under 20 Dollars.

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