5 Easiest Celebrities to Impersonate

We’ve heard some guys do some amazing impressions of celebrity men, and we’ve heard some girls do some amazing impressions of celebrity women, but we’ve never one person do such amazing impressions of celebrity men and women quite like Rob Cantor. You won’t believe your ears when Cantor gets to Billie Holiday; you’ll refuse to believe there isn’t some girl singing from behind the camera when it gets to Gwen Stefani. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest celebrities to impersonate.

A further key point would be identifying what makes these people so unique and recognizable, a personality trademark, such as a special laughter, a catchphrase, a manner of speech, or maybe just the look on their face. Context and history are also important, the people they hang with and the places they visit are also relevant to the attitude you’ll take. This is the most important part of an impersonation, remember: it’s not just about the costume, however, if you want some ideas you can check our 10 easiest celebrities to dress up as.

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