5 Best Chromebook Apps for Writing and Editing

Chromebook is small and lightweight with around 8 hours of battery life and a super-fast "wake up" like a tablet. It's ideal for writing and editing on the go. Of course it works better when connected to the internet, but Google Drive works offline too; it just continues as normal until you get back online, and then it re-syncs with the cloud. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 5 best Chromebook apps for writing and editing.

That's the thing about Google Docs. It saves to the cloud as you type, and so if you have to quit suddenly or the battery happens to die, you don't lose a thing. I can write half a sentence on the Chromebook, shut it down, open the document on my tablet or phone, and type the rest of the sentence. You can also check our list of the 6 best Google apps for Chromebook.

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