16 Best Paying Medical Specialties in America

Most doctors make a healthy living, but health care reform and efforts to control medical costs are affecting the way they do business. The annual Medscape from WebMD physician compensation survey highlights a number of trends and disparities in the medical field. The survey of more than 19,600 doctors in 26 specialties found the average compensation for a specialist in 2014 was $284,000, while primary care physicians made an average of $195,000. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 16 best paying medical specialties in America.

Doctors are among the highest paid professionals in the United States. Their compensation varies based on the location and their specialty. Generally, primary care givers and family doctors earn less than specialists and surgeons. And salaries vary for individuals in the same specialty. Orthopedists or bone doctors treat and manage all musculature system's conditions. These include joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and skin conditions. This specialty requires many years of training and currently ranks as the highest paid medical specialty in the United States. You can also check our article on 10 Least Competitive Medical Specialties in America.

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