10 Easiest Female Celebrities to Impersonate

Throughout time, imitating celebrities has become a serious profession, and a very popular pastime, so whether you’re searching for ideas for next Halloween, seeking a job as a double, or just trying to crack up your friends with some silly charades, you should check out this list of mimic-able ladies we’ve got for you. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the easiest female celebrities to impersonate.

Impersonation is not about the costume, but neither is it as hard as it seems; you just need to pay attention. As I mentioned when listing our 5 Easiest Celebrities to Impersonate, of course it’s important to sustain a physical resemblance to the person you are portraying, but the heart of the matter is not based on looks; it’s all about the attitude. What you need to understand is that each celebrity has that one thing that is truly theirs, you just need to pay attention in order to pick it up.

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