10 Countries That Have The Most Refugees

Refugees are people who leave their homeland due to a valid fear for their personal safety in their native place. Many factors influence the decision to seek refuge in a foreign country. Some refugees are afraid of persecution based on their religion, political affiliation, race, or nationality. Others are fleeing war, internal conflict, increased violence, and human rights violations. Every year, millions of individuals leave their homes behind and turn to other countries for survival. Insidermonkey experts made a list of these 10 countries that have the most refugees.

Large regions of the world are currently experiencing violent conflicts which puts the lives of their residents at great risk. This fact is especially true throughout the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa where fighting has been ongoing for many years. Estimates suggest that at least 60 million people were displaced in 2015 alone, this is up from about 10 million in 2011. You can also consider reading our list of the Most Charitable Countries in the World.

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