10 Best Tinder Conversation Starters That Work Every Time

Swiping right on attractive women is the easy part. Getting your matches to respond to your Tinder openers is often much more difficult. Remember, hot women on Tinder are bombarded with messages every day, so you have to do better than “Hi there.” With a message like that, there’s no potential for her to connect emotionally. Insidermonkey experts made a complete article on 10 best Tinder conversation starters that work every time.

Your Tinder conversation starters need to immediately make her feel something. A positive emotional response creates an instant bond, so she’s more likely to invest time in replying to you. Once you’ve evoked this emotion, if you also can make it easy for her to write back by posing a fun, interesting question at the end of your message, you’re golden. You can also check our list of these 10 most successful Tinder bio examples for guys.

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