10 Easiest Electric Guitar Songs to Learn for Beginners

The idea of beginner guitar songs can often seem extremely limited. And unfortunately there are a lot of places where you’ll see lists of easy songs that don’t give you much variety. In fact, a beginner guitar song is often dreadfully boring to play, which doesn’t do much for inspiration or for pushing an aspiring guitarist to continue learning. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 easiest electric guitar songs to learn for beginners.

But the truth is, many of the songs you’ve heard (and know) are actually quite easy to play. And some are more interesting than others. But how do we know they’re easy? If you focus on just the chord progressions for each song, what you play on the guitar can become as simple or as difficult as you want. It’s often a matter of placing only a few chords. This means that most of the songs you’re used to hearing are probably much easier than they sound. In other words, you can learn them. You can also read our article of 10 easiest acoustic guitar songs to play.

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