10 Best Places to Retire in Kentucky

When the time comes to retire in Kentucky, most of us want a place where we will be happy. Some people want convenience and easy access for their needs. Others may be more interested in access to medical facilities and care. It all depends on the person and their specific wants of needs. There are some wonderful retirement communities for 55+ all across the state, and those seeking out a more specialized setting. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best places to retire in Kentucky.

They tend to have community activities and group functions that help soothe the days of people who prefer a busier schedule, but allow others to just relax. Anywhere we are in the Bluegrass State, we can look around and see beauty. That’s a perfect reason to retire here.Kentucky offers very good value for your retirement dollar - real estate and the cost of living is much lower than most other states. Yet the recreational activities are exceptional in this beautiful state with ready access to the Appalachians. Just over 4.4 million called Kentucky home in 2015, and the median age was 38.3. If you have time you can also read our article on 10 best places to retire in Kansas.

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