10 Best Places to Retire in Delaware

Where are the best places in the state of Delaware? They are the places that have awesome economies. They’re the places where people have the best jobs, where residents are happily married, and where the sun shines the most. And certainly, since crime is really low, everyone wants to be there. It’s, literally, all sunshine and rainbows. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 10 best places to retire in Delaware.

Whether you are currently living in Delaware or whether you are thinking about moving to this low key state, you can find your best Delaware retirement communities and towns on this website. This small state has 4 seasons, wonderful access to the water, and medium sized cities and towns. The Delmarva Peninsula has a relaxed, pastoral feel from another era that is very attractive to retirees. The state had a  2014 population of just under 900,000. If you want you can also read our article on 10 best places to retire in Connecticut.

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