Top 5 Reasons Why Print Media is a Dying Industry

Over the past decade, we have seen an explosion in the amount of digital content and the capacity to transfer this data. In fact, there are currently three zettabytes of digital content in the world. A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes of data. The amount of  information will continue to double every 18-24 months along with faster pipes to carry this information. Even more astounding is the capacity of the internet to transfer data is now approaching one zettabyte. This is a far cry from the dial-up modems of the 1990’s. So, Insidermonkey experts gave reasons why print media is a dying industry.

Meanwhile, marketers are very cognizant of digital opportunities as they feverishly try to get the attention of potential customers. Content strategy is all ablaze as marketers try to develop the perfect strategy to connect with their audiences. Like mini-Napoleons, they send their digital content armies out via the digital pipes to their intended targets with flying emails, advertising artillery and social media infantry in a coordinated mobilization. Once the battle is over, they quickly switch gears and start analyzing all this data to glean insights. Meanwhile, traditional marketing techniques like direct
mail and print collateral are left in the dust. But Those who agree about all the benefits of traditional reading, and who support saving the print media industry, will be happy to read about the best selling magazines in the United States.

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