Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Law

While law school applications have decreased in recent years, pursuing a legal degree is still one of the most popular post-graduate pursuits in America – and while everyone has heard of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia when it comes to law school, those who only consider the Ivy League miss a number of fantastic, often over-looked, schools. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of the top 5 Ivy League colleges for law.

Even though the Ivy League is an athletics conference, the eight member schools are better known as academic and intellectual powerhouses that attract some of the best student talent in the world. While all of these schools will rank high on any list of the best universities, we decided to look internally, and see which academic institution is the best in the Ivy League. One thing is for certain — Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are in a league of their own. Combined, the three schools only ranked in the bottom half of any of our categories once, and there was a massive difference in points between our top three spots and the rest of our final list. In fact, if you take a look at this list of the 10 most expensive law schools in the US, you’ll notice that all five of Ivy League law schools have made their appearance there.

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