8 Countries that Produce the Most Hydroelectric Power in the World

As the world attempts to stall climate change by cutting emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, energy from renewable sources has become an integral part of global strategies. But hydroelectric power, despite being an important energy source in many nations around the world, is often overlooked. China is the world’s largest producer of the hydroelectricity. The annual production of hydro electricity in China is estimated at 856.4 billion kilowatt hours, roughly double the produced by Brazil, in 2nd place. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 8 countries that produce the most hydroelectric power in the world.

China produces the most electricity from hydroelectric power, some 856.4 billion kilowatt hours a year – more than double the amount produced by Brazil, in second place. The top three is completed by Canada, which produces 376.7 billion kilowatt hours a year. Alongside the United States, in fourth, there are also places for Norway, Sweden, India, Venezuela and Japan, showing the geographical dispersion of hydroelectric power production. You can also check our new articles about the 8 countries that produce the most geothermal energy in the world.

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