8 Countries that Produce the Most Tomatoes in the World

Tomato is a fruit product but mostly used to cook with various vegetables for better taste. Its plant is very small with red fruit color. Only some country eat it raw as a fruit. Salads are also decorated with tomato. It is cultivated all over year in different seasons and temperature. Sunlight is very necessary for tomato to grow. China is the biggest producer of tomatoes in the world. It is widely used fruit in the world for cooking dishes. Insidermonkey experts made a list of countries that produce the most tomatoes in the world.

According to daily usage Some people considered it a fruit while on the other hand people take it as a vegetable, so there is confusion in its exact category. It is rich which is recognized as essential element for human health. Due to number of benefits and uses, it is produced all around the world. About 150 million tons are being produced in different countries of the world.  But which country is producing most Tomatoes in the world it is an interesting question. After reading this you may also want to check our list of countries that produce the most sugar in the world.

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