8 Countries that Produce the Most Leather in the World

If you're interested in getting to know the 8 countries that produce the most leather in the world, look no further. This list should take care of that. Leather production industry is among the most important industries in the world. We simply depend on leather if nothing else, then for our footwear which is often a direct product of the leather industry. Of course, leather has much more widespread use in our daily lives than that, but our shoes or boots are the simplest and most common examples. 

Buying leather directly supports the misery of the slaughterhouse. According to statistics from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Council for Leather Exports, the value of leather exports from India – which is one of the largest leather manufacturers in the world – is 10 times greater than the value of its meat exports. So clearly cows and other cattle are suffering and being cruelly slaughtered so that the leather industry can profit from their skins. And, if you like to read about top producers of various products, including agricultural, be sure not to skip our article on countries that produce the most kiwi fruit in the world!

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