7 Easiest CSU’s to Get Into

For high school students, preparing college applications is incredibly stressful and time-consuming. High grades and standardized test scores, numerous extracurricular activities, and well-written application essays are often not enough to receive an acceptance letter to your dream school. There are many factors that will affect the acceptance or rejection of a college application, so it is important that you apply to backup, or "safety," schools. Of course, a safety school to one person may be a reach school to another, and while some colleges boast about selectivity, others are happy to accept all applicants. And, that's why to help you fellow readers who is interested in California State Universities - Insidermonkey experts decided to take a look at the 7 easiest CSU’s to get into.

What an "easy college to get into" usually depends on your specific circumstances and application. If you scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT or 36 on the ACT, most colleges will be easy to get into. For below average students, schools that have high admission rates and low requirements will be easy colleges to get into. Whatever your personal situation, having "safety schools" is critical to your college application strategy. You don't want to end up with zero admissions offers in your senior spring, so it's important to have a few schools that you're almost certain will accept you if you apply. You can also check out our list of 11 easiest big colleges to get into.

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