11 Business Books Bill Gates Wants You to Read

Ever heard the quote “learners are earners”? Bill Gates certainly has. He strives to read a book a week. No one is questioning his ability to earn! Luckily, you can follow his lead by following his blog, Gates Notes. He posts his thoughts on the books he reads so anyone can get into his mind and understand his views on success. Here is the list of 11 business books Bill Gates wants you to read, prepared by Insidermonkey experts.

Bill Gates released his “eclectic” summer reading list, which he says are books “that I loved, made me think in new ways, and kept me up reading long past when I should have gone to sleep.” In addition to a science fiction and history book, there is also a book about fixing Japan’s economy, as well as math and science selections. You can continue reading our list of the 11 investing books billionaire Warren Buffet wants you to read.

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