11 Best Selling Yankee Candle Scents

One thing we always love about our home is that it always smells good. We aim to keep it that way. Even if the decor isn't up-to scratch yet, or there is a bit of clutter on the shelves, We pride ourselves in the fact that everyone who comes through our door tells us how lovely our house smells! Apart from keeping the place clean in general, the main reason for such a pleasantly scented abode is the love of Yankee Candles. We adore them. In particular, We adore the wax melts that people use in an oil burner or warmer, as they are so quick in filling the room with fragrance. Over the years We have developed our favorite Yankee scents- the ones we go to time and time again. Here is the list of best selling Yankee Candle scents created by Insidermonkey experts.

So many people will advise you to use the full tart, unwrap and place in your oil burner, or tart warmer if you have bought directly from Yankee. Not only is this poor value for money, as the scent burns away quite quickly and intensely, but it also makes for a very strong smell which can be overwhelming depending on the chosen scent. With that in mind, we generally cut a small hole in the wrapper and then crush and sprinkle a small amount of the tart (about the size of your thumb's fingertip) into the well of my oil burner. Not only does this mean the wax tart lasts longer, but we can also have the same scent filling more than one room in my home in a pleasant, and not overly scented way! And they’re relatively inexpensive, just like the 10 Best Things to Buy on Amazon Under 20 Dollars.

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