10 Best Places to Retire in Ireland

From the illustrious Kennedy clan to the city of Boston’s rich Irish heritage, the Emerald Isle’s influence on the United States is practically non-quantifiable. More Americans claim Irish ancestry than any other, except for German. In fact, according to the last U.S. Census, more than 34 million Americans claim either full or partial Irish ancestry. That’s seven times the current population, 4.8 million, of Ireland itself. Retirees who are considering Ireland as a possible place to settle might be motivated not only by typical reasons – safety, beauty, cultural riches, outdoor recreation and general quality of life – but also by a keen interest in their own cultural heritage. Here are the list of 10 best places to retire in Ireland created by Insidermonkey experts.

A lot of people dream of moving to a foreign island when they retire. You know, a place with plenty of sun, lakes, and swimming pools. However, for some Irish people, there is no better place to retire than their home country, and it isn't hard to see why. What is the retirement age in Ireland? Sixty-five. And as any sixty-five year old will tell you, retirement age really creeps up on you. Whether you're in your twenties or pushing sixty, it's never too early to start planning your retirement, and we're here to help you with that. You can also take a look at this list of the 10 cheapest places to retire abroad.

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