10 Best Places to Retire in Florida On Social Security

Most people rely on Social Security income to pay for their retirement expenses. Almost all retirees (84 percent) qualify for Social Security payments, and the majority of retirees (61 percent) receive at least half their income from Social Security, according to the Social Security Administration. For a third of retirees, Social Security is their only major source of income in retirement. It isn’t easy to live on just a Social Security check. The average monthly Social Security payment was $2,663 in January 2016. So Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best places to retire in Florida on social security.

But in other metro areas Social Security alone does not provide enough to cover even these five basic expenses. In several major cities – including Bridgeport, Connecticut; Oxnard, California; San Francisco; Honolulu; New York; San Jose, California; and the District of Columbia – the typical Social Security income doesn’t even come close to covering basic expenses, largely due to high housing costs. You can also read our article on the 10 best places to retire in Central Florida.

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