10 Best Places to Retire in Africa

Picking a foreign destination for retirement involves a bunch of trade-offs that are very personal. Other than the biggie health care and costs — you also want to consider ease of everyday living, travel restrictions, scenery, food, culture, amenities, the weather and the law. Then there’s also this one: will you like your new environment full time? Here are the best places to retire in Africa listed by Insidermonkey experts.

South Africa is a popular place to retire among many Europeans and especially Brits. It is estimated that over 200,000 people from the UK have retired to South Africa, mostly in Johannesburg and Cape Town., but also along the southeastern coast.  People retire here for the moderate year round weather, outside recreation, and stable government. South Africa is a parliamentary democracy. While in many ways it is a developed country,  much of its population lives in poverty. All major urban areas have modern, world-class hotels and tourist facilities. Food and water are generally safe, and a wide variety of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals is readily available. You can also check our article on best places to retire in Australia.

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