Top 7 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

No one enjoys doing taxes, which probably explains why so many of us leave it to the last. Possible. Moment. With Tax Day fast approaching (next week!), millions of Americans are no doubt scrambling to track down receipts, bank statements, and other important documents in a bid to meet the April 15 filing deadline. But the more you rush, tax pros say, the more you’re likely to make mistakes that can cost you in the form of penalties, a delay in getting your refund, and even a higher risk of an audit. So if procrastination has gotten the better of you this year—don’t worry, you’re not alone—here are the top 7 tax mistakes to avoid by Insidermonkey experts to keep your return error-free.

And people who are living in one of these 10 countries with the highest tax rates must be especially happy when handling them. But our taxes contribute to the great lives we inhabit here in the U.S., providing us with clean water, good roads and public schools for our kids. Even though we file our taxes annually, it never seems to get any easier. In fact, if your salary goes up and you earn a bit more money, filing your taxes may become more difficult. Before you begin to get your records in order and complete the paperwork, take a moment to review your tax forms and avoid the filing mistakes.

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