9 Most Popular People on Internet in 2015

You don't need a red carpet to be a celebrity anymore. All you need is an Internet connection. Throughout 2015, our news feeds were dominated with plenty of inspiring, hilarious or even heartbreaking stories that we couldn't get enough of. More often than not, these stories weren't about some Hollywood A-Lister or a reality star, they were about regular people like us. Google released its annual list of the year's top trending people, a reflection, more or less, of what people were curious about in 2015. The names on this list — all of whom are alive; the list doesn't include people who died — recorded the highest spikes in traffic over a sustained period in 2015 as compared with 2014. Check the list prepared by Insidermonkey experts about the most popular people on the Internet in 2015.

You have no idea how popular Justin Bieber is. In the past twelve months, more people have searched for the 16-year-old wonder on Google than have searched for "china," "Jesus," or "boobs." Bieber also left other celebrities in the dust. The only person who came close was Lady Gaga. We identified the people who were searched for most in the past year, based on Google Trends. Since Google provides only comparative data, we compared everyone we could think of to Bieber. Don’t forget to check our article on 7 easiest cameras to use for seniors.

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