12 Highest Paying Countries for Software Engineers

Wherever you go, it also depends on how good you are as a developer. A good developer can earn high salaries independent on whether they are in Switzerland, USA, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada or Australia. Companies like Google, Microsoft and other large companies can be found the world over and they tend to pay the good developers good salaries, sometimes it does not matter where in the world you are. If you are good they pay will pay you very well. Insidermonkey experts  compiled a list of the highest-paying countries for software engineers.

Also it depends on what kind of company you are working for. A company with a successful software product might be able to pay higher salaries, then a consulting business, which charges their customers on a hourly rate. Hopefully this answer is helpful. The same can hold true for petroleum engineers as discussed in our previous article of the highest-paying countries for petroleum engineers.

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