11 Countries With Highest Gambling Losses in the World

Superstitious believers in luck worldwide are attracted to the unpredictability of betting. Today the gambling industry is thriving. Sports betting, slot machines, roulette, poker… Every nation seems to enjoy a bit of betting be it online, in a real life casino or just indulging in a lottery ticket. Since the beginning of the global recession in 2008, the percentage of people’s income spent on gambling has, on average, been significantly decreasing. However, for many nations the industry is still still on its way up. Insidermonkey experts made a list of countries with the highest gambling losses in the world.

The list has been drawn up according to data provided in a 2011 report issued by H2 Gambling Capital. It ranks from lowest to highest the top 10 gambling nations in the world, according to the average annual losses per person. The variety of nations on this list might be surprising. It presents a diverse mix of nations: some economically prosperous, others worryingly fragile. Government responses to gambling vary dramatically across these nations – from countries where gambling is illegal to countries where it is encouraged, the annual losses at gambling per person differ only slightly. With the increasing popularity of online gambling platforms making the activity’s easily accessible at all times, so government policy seems to make little difference to the determined gambler. You may even want to take a look at another article we published regarding the 11 worst countries for gender equality.

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