7 Most Successful Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Anchors

 Dating back to the show’s initial season in 1975, the Weekend Update is the show’s longest-running segment, making fun of everything from skyrocketing oil and gas prices in the 70s to, skyrocketing oil and gas prices this decade. It has also offered a multitude of famous comedians the opportunity to showcase their talents. Many of them took the chance and became successful, but to know the most successful of them all, you have to see the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on 7 most successful Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors.

“Weekend Update,” which debuted with Saturday Night Live’s very first episode back in 1975, has taken a few detours over the show’s 40 seasons but has mostly stuck with the same basic format: one or two anchors recounting the top stories of the week broken up by commentary from various special guest characters armed with catchphrases. With the latest season now behind us,  experts of Insidermonkey decided to analyze the anchors iterations to sit behind the “Weekend Update” desk over the years and rank the best of them. To be included in the list, an anchor also had to have an episode among the top rated. If you are reading this out loud, check out if your accent is among the sexiest ones in the world in our 11 sexiest accents in the world.

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