7 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is regarded by many as one of the best watch manufacturers in history. The watchmaker’s history dates back over 175 years and is filled with innovation and creativity, so it’s no surprise that Patek Philippe watches frequently break records at auction. For those, who love this brand, there is an article on the Insidermonkey with the list of 7 most expensive Patek Philippe watches.

Patek Philippe is known for its reliability and quality as each single automatic movement made by the company is placed through 600 hours of quality control. Once assembled, the watches are tested and observed for up to one month to ensure they are ready for customers. This is why the company became the first Geneva-based watchmaker to receive the Geneva Seal, a distinction for the highest quality watches. As a matter of fact, 95 percent of movements bearing the Geneva Seal come from Patek Philippe. And for those who prefer different expensive brand, maybe you will like IWC. In that case, don’t forget to take a look at the list of 16 most expensive IWC watches instead.

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