11 US States with the Toughest Drug Laws

All States of the USA have drug laws on the books that supplement the regulations at the federal level. However, standards are changing, and states are no longer uniform in their existing drug laws. Some U.S. states have laws that include penalties that are far harsher than others; some states punish drug possession, the manufacturing of drugs as well as distribution with a penalty of serious prison time. But which states have the toughest drug laws? If you are looking for an answer to this question, visit the Insidermonkey and check out their article covering the 11 US States with the toughest drug laws.

The United States has been battling the war on drugs for centuries now. While the history of the prohibition is no secret to society, the US put their first regulation on narcotics and opiate containing substances around 1860. While the war on drugs has been constantly adapting to which illegal substance is most popular on the market, there are some states that exceed expectations in terms of punishment for drug offenders. However, it is also important to consider that laws in the US can often be too tough which can result in filling up prisons with moderate drug users as well. The US, in this case, can be compared with other countries who crack down on drugs as well, as seen in the 10 countries with the toughest drug laws in the world.

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