11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time

Over the years, the yellow dysfunctional family with as many quirks as they do odd-ball neighbours continue to pull millions of viewers in for their weekly appearances. That kind of endurance is unprecedented for a scripted show and the fact that it's an animation is doubly impressive. And if you are a fan of the Simpsons, you should know about these 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time. Check the list compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey and see if you have missed any of those episodes!

Many of these top 11 most-watched episodes come from the show’s first season in 1990 when there weren’t as many viewing options out there. The last few years has seen the show’s audience decline steadily to a point where barely three or four million people are tuning in on a Sunday night for a new episode. Every single episode on this list had at least 27 million people watching. It could be a matter of viewing tendencies in this day and age with cable forcing its way into the habits of consumers but the golden days of network television have gone by the wayside. Nonetheless, the show received universal acclaim and is loved in the entire world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Homer Simpson is number one when it comes to 11 Most Loved TV Characters of All Time.

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