11 Most Popular Songs About God

Sure, music seems to have little in the way of depth with artist like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj around. The question is whether God is present even in what can seem to be vacuously superficial. Can what initially appears to be a cheesy song about teenage romance actually be a way to imagine God singing sweet nothings to you? Of course, and if you have any doubt you should listen to these 11 most popular songs about God.

Many artists references to religion can range from “so subtle that you don’t notice it until you’re Googling the meaning behind the lyrics” to “as overt as you can get.” But no matter their visibility, religious references in country music are plentiful, to say the least. Everyone from Hank Williams to Carrie Underwood has mentioned God and faith in a song; in fact, religion and country music are so intertwined that the Inspirational Country Music Awards are held each year. So, experts of Insidermonkey have rounded up our favorite country songs about faith, the musical reminders of the values that run deep through the genre. However, fellow Americans who doesn't have belief in God, maybe 11 Most Popular Songs About America will suit you better.

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