11 Most Popular Songs About America

July 4th is a time of celebration, remembrance, fireworks, and cookouts. It is also a time for great music. There are many songs about America; some are positive, some are reflective, and some are just about having fun. They all seek in some way to capture the American spirit in song, and here are 11 Most Popular Songs About America to inspire you on upcoming July 4th!

This list is of the best American songs for, of, about and from the United States of America. The list includes songs who's origins reach back before the birth of the nation. You will find Patriotic Rock songs, Folk, Soul, Country, Traditional Standard songs, the Top Military songs and Marches. A mix-tape for all parties related to patriotism can be made from this list. These are the most popular American songs. The songs also reflect the conflicts the USA has faced both foreign and domestic and thus define the Spirit of America. These songs embrace America's vast natural beauty, heroic human endeavors, the ongoing conflict and melding of ideas, and the unyielding spirit of the American people.

But, you should know, not all of the song are glorifying America. There are some harsh ones, critical, satirical and hateful as well. If you are from Texas and think hate should be extinguished with guns, then check out these 11 Most Popular Songs About Texas.

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