11 Most Annoying Toys Ever Invented

If you have small children or you’re around small children, you are almost certainly aware of the Golden Rules of Present Buying for Munchkins. And for those who have no idea about it, experts of Insidermonkey is here to the rescue with a list of the most annoying toys ever invented. Unless you’ve recently invested in a pair of noise-canceling headphones, you may want to avoid these toys for kids.

From toys that scream, buzz, and sing, to toys that create a colossal mess, there are some holiday gifts that seem designed to push parents over the "I can't take this thing for one more minute" edge.
If you’re hoping to keep the peace with the parents of your holiday gift list, here are a few toys that might seem nice to you but that most parents would agree should never, not ever, be brought into their house. While we are taking about toys and games, I thought I should share the list of the most expensive virtual items in video games as well.

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