11 Highest Paid Singers and Musicians of All Time

Who are the musicians with the highest income? These singers and musicians make millions of dollars every year because people love them. Every time you buy one of their CDs or download their music on iTunes or Amazon, they get a cut. Who are the highest paid singers and bands? For every one of their concerts that you attend, they make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wouldn't it be great to be one of them? Well, for the start, you should know about these 11 Highest Paid Singers and Musicians of All Time.

It’s important to remember when going through a list like this one that musicians, in contrast to companies or public bodies, are private individuals with no obligation to make their riches public. While it’s possible to get some idea of how much they are worth based on the success of their records, tours or investments, the figures of their total wealth are estimates based on the information available at the time. In some glorious past the music of choice was rock ‘n’ roll, and along with the sex and drugs, money was flowing in streams. Just look at the Richest Bands of All Time.

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