11 Countries with Highest Catholic Population

Over the past century, the number of Catholics around the world has more than tripled, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. As of 2010, there are nearly 1.1 billion Catholics, up from an estimated 291 million in 1910. Catholics comprise 50 percent of all Christians worldwide and 16 percent of the world’s total population. Now, if you want to know more specific information, you should check what experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the 11 countries with highest catholic population.

But over the same period, the world’s overall population also has risen rapidly. As a result, Catholics have made up a remarkably stable share of all people on Earth. In 1910, Catholics comprised about half (48%) of all Christians and 17% of the world’s total population, according to historical estimates from the World Christian Database. A century later, the Pew Research study found, Catholics still comprise about half (50%) of Christians worldwide and 16% of the total global population. And for further research on this topic, you should see another article of Insidermonkey which covered the 11 countries with highest Christian population.

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