11 Countries With the Highest Breastfeeding Rates

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. Before the advent of formula milk, mothers fed their babies their own milk as their only form of nourishment until they were at least a year old. But ever wonder how breastfeeding rates compare from country to country? If you did, there is an article just for you compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey featuring 11 countries with the highest breastfeeding rates.

In recent years, breastfeeding advocates have started actively promoting the benefits of breastfeeding to both mothers and babies. There are thousands of studies to support how much better it is than formula. In its advertising campaigns, formula milk companies have been required to use taglines like, “Breast milk is best for babies up to two years” to emphasize the importance of breast milk. But you’ll be quite surprised to find out which countries proudly have the most number of women who breastfeed and they’re all from developing or third world countries. No wonder, you’ll only find one of them on the list of the 10 unhealthiest countries in the world.

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