11 Countries with Best Healthcare in the World for Retirees and Expats

As healthcare costs in the U.S. continue to spiral upward, one of the main questions any aspiring expat asks is, “Can I get great healthcare when I move overseas?” The simple answer is yes, and without breaking the bank, either. So, if you are planning for your retirement, you should know about these top 11 countries with best healthcare in the world for retirees and expats.

Healthcare is one of the eight categories taken into account to find the best retirement havens in the world. It’s a tricky subject as so much depends on your personal situation and healthcare needs. But access to affordable, high-quality healthcare is important. So in this category, Insidermonkey correspondents were asked to provide costs for a range of common surgical procedures, as well as the cost of a doctor’s appointment. Crucially, they assessed the overall quality of both the public and private health-care systems in their countries and they quizzed fellow expats on their healthcare experiences to get a clear picture of the level of care available. Also, there is a question of quality of the healthcare. If the healthcare is free like in these 11 countries with free health care, the quality is surely very low, which is not something expats want.

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