11 Best Places to Visit in Vermont in Fall

Vermont is world-famous for autumn. It's not just because they have the most explosive foliage in all of New England, but because everyone you see, locals and visitors alike, cannot help but slow down and look up. With forest covering three-quarters of the state and the highest percentage of maple trees in the country, it’s easy to see why. No one does foliage better than Vermont. It’s the perfect time to explore back roads on a bike, paddle a quiet lake, take in a road race, or hike a mountain. With so much to do, you must not miss these 11 best places to visit in Vermont in fall.

All of New England displays colorful fall leaves, but Vermont seems somehow to be the first among equals. Much of the brilliant red, orange, and gold color is from native sugar maples, which are abundant in Vermont. Plan ahead to see fall foliage in Vermont, because people from around the world flock here. And for those, who are more of a traveler who likes to visit some cultural sites, shouldn't miss our article about Historical places to visit on the East Coast as well.

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