11 Best Countries in English Proficiency

China might have more people, but when it comes to the language of global capitalism, English is the gold standard. How many of us have had to call for IT services only to end up getting rerouted to an India line and have our computer problems get totally lost in translation. But not every nation is like this. There are some countries, where English proficiency is really good. And if you want to know about them, there is an article of Insidermonkey on 11 Best Countries in English Proficiency.

While the Global English Corporation likes to portray itself as the barometer of Business English proficiency, their determination of whether one is “proficient enough” is probably arbitrary. For instance, the report says that 99 percent of workers in the world “can’t take an active role in business discussions or perform relatively complex tasks”, a suggestion that sounds ludicrous. Also suspicious is the fact that Singapore is ranked lower than Malaysia, which is perhaps another sign of how skewed the report is. Nonetheless, countries like Philippines and Norway have been consistent top performers in the survey. Even if you are not from Philippines or Norway, you should see if your country made it into the 11 best countries in English proficiency. If you are a patriot and you like to see your country’s success in other fields, maybe your country made it in 11 best countries in renewable energy as well.

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