11 Best Biographical Documentaries on Netflix Instant in 2015

For most of us when we hear the word ‘documentary’ we almost always think of one film – that one time we gave the genre a chance. More often than not that one time turned out to be great, but it didn’t refer us to any other ones. That is because we believe that documentaries would only suit a particular mood, one we are almost never in. Not only is this wrong given the variety of approaches to documentaries, but it is making us miss on some of the best films out there. Make the decision to watch a documentary, and trust the experts of Insidermonkey, these 11 best biographical documentaries on Netflix instant in 2015 will not disappoint you.

Netflix’s colossal streaming library is never scarce of documentaries. There are plenty, ranging from the well-known critically acclaimed award winners and so-called best, to some lesser-known titles that have entertained and thrilled the mind, heart, and eyeballs of only a few. Start scouring Netflix’s library in search of good biographical documentaries, and you’ll end up with a heap of titles. The listing here is a guide to help you sort out the weaker flicks, so that you can binge-watch some of the very best available for streaming including the best alien documentaries on Netflix.

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