10 Wealthiest Families in the World

The history has seen many families which have financially dominated the world since the human society was formed. Today, the global economic village is dominated by multinational companies and corporate houses. Many families of this modern era from America achieved an unprecedented wealth through their businesses like the Rockefellers, the Mellons and the Kennedys. Many families are still working to increase their fortunes while many others are just enjoying their wealth they have inherited from their fathers of forefathers. In case you want to know about them, check out the list of Insidermonkey featuring 10 Wealthiest Families in the World.

There are many rich families in the world and some of them are so rich that they can be compared with a state as well. You must be looking for the top family names by now and here they are. The top names of the families will surely make you feel the wonder and here they are. The list of the top ten richest families and the source of their income all has been stated in the article along with the net worth of that family. Go through them to know the best of the lot. This will surely provide you enthusiasm. With so much wealth in their bank accounts, these clans can afford sending their kids and grand kids to the most expensive day-care in New York City or something even better!

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