10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas in New York City

It’s not without coincidence that the northeast’s coldest month is also known as its most affectionate. In this cold, even small gestures, a cup of hot chocolate, a musical note struck clean and pure can cultivate a deep and beguiling warmth in NYC. Anyway, here are 10 romantic winter date ideas in New York City for you.

Sure, ice skating or a stroll through Central Park may be among the quintessential winter date activities in New York City, but they're also pretty damn cold. With temperatures hitting the nearly unbearable mark, I've rounded up 11 of the coziest ideas for snuggling up with your significant other this weekend. Forcing yourself out of your apartment in the dead of winter can be a drag, but when there are bowls of pasta to tuck into, or a roaring fireplace calling your name, venturing into the world suddenly seems easier. After a few cocktails, you might even forget it's snowing outside. And if you need more catalysts, these 11 most romantic things to say to her, will surely make her fall in love with you again.

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