10 Least Competitive Medical Specialties in America

These are the fields on anyone's shortlist of fields easy to enter. But this is one of those areas where the common perception does not keep up with the data. If you want to know how difficult it is to match in any specialty, you need to look at how many applicants fail to match and how many residency slots remain unfilled after the match. Anyway, for those who's interested to know about the least competitive medical specialties in America, click on the link and see the article compiled by the experts of the Insidermonkey!

Personally I  would suggest, chose a branch with which you can live with for your  entire life. Because that is any day the most important matter. If you love  your branch money surely will follow. And about least competitive specialties? Some residency programs have GPA requirements as low as 2.3, as shown in this table. Medical schools with low requirements usually go by the moniker “second chance” schools, and here’s the list of 10 least competitive medical schools in the US as well. So, my suggestion will be to read the both article and then decide a course!

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