10 Famous People Rumored To Have Been Killed By The Illuminati

There has long been speculation that the Illuminati control everything in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, many people believe that this secret society controls everything in the world. There have even been some instances in which the relatives or friends of family members have been murdered at the Illuminati’s command. Some believe that the organization commanded these killings in exchange for the celebrity to increase in fame. If you want to know about these rumors, check out the article of Insidermonkey featuring 10 famous people rumored to have been killed by the Illuminati.

Whenever a celebrity dies, it inadvertently follows that someone, somewhere will claim that the Illuminati did it. Some researchers are more discerning and hesitate before making a pronouncement. To be honest, the Illuminati have kept silence and there’s doubt they even exist anymore. That hasn’t kept people from coming up with stories after stories about them, their existence, their doings and their plans to take over the world. You can read up on 8 conspiracy theories about the New World Order while you’re trying to figure out what the truth is.

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