10 Countries With The Highest Tax Rates In The World

Despite the vast variety of laws, cultures and customs around the world, there are a few things just about every country has in common. Yes, almost every nation pays taxes. But of course the rate varies. So if you are wondering which countries have the highest tax rates, just check out the article of Insidermonkey featuring 10 countries with the highest tax rates in the world.

Taxes are a reality of human life, but tax rates vary significantly from one country to the next. Experts of Insidermonkey set out to rank the countries where residents pay the most to their respective governments. In order to compile the list, they made in depth researches, and compiled a running record of country tax rates from around the world. As I said, some countries have higher tax rates than others, thus procuring more funds for various government services and projects, but higher taxes don’t necessarily have to yield better results. Lower taxes can and usually do attract various potent economic partners which find it more economical to pay their taxes there than in their native countries. In case you are wondering, here’s a list of 10 countries with the lowest tax rates for the rich as well.

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