10 Countries That Spend the Most on Healthcare

Globally, health care spending has increased dramatically since 1980. However, while health care spending increased faster than the economic growth in the 90s. And surely people living in the countries with the highest health spending also tend to have better health outcomes. For example, of the 10 countries spending the most on health care, seven have a lower infant mortality rate than the OECD average. Now, in case you want to see, if the country you are living in made it to the list, click on the link to see the 10 countries that spend the most on healthcare.

However, the relationship between spending and outcomes, and what causes good health is far from straightforward. A number of behavioral and lifestyle factors have a major influence on health outcomes. Factors outside the health sector, including nutrition, alcohol consumption, and smoking are important determinants of health outcomes. And to overcome these factors, education is a must. Surely, nothing is as influential in determining these traits as the health of the citizens, apart from education, you can see that in these 10 countries that spend the most on education

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