10 Countries That Spend the Most on Advertising

The advertising market is experiencing continuous, significant growth each year. More and more companies all over the world are now allocating a significant portion of their marketing budget for advertising. But like usual, some countries are far ahead than the others. Now, if you are curious to know about them, you can visit the Insidermonkey and read their article featuring 10 countries that spend the most on advertising.

The biggest spenders are the brands who are present in the most countries. Usually these are FMCG and Car manufacturers. There are also analysis about who owns which brand and who owns all the major brands in the world, which can help to understand why some companies are more present then you think. After all, advertising has the power to change the world and as proved earlier, it often has. Surprisingly, a few of the countries that feature on this list are also present in the 10 countries that spend the most on healthcare. Maybe their advertisements pertain to healthy eating!

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