Roswell UFO Conspiracy and 5 Other Alien Conspiracy Theories

Whether UFOs are actually alien crafts or not, they're extremely interesting to think about. No one knows exactly what they are (hence the name), but there sure are plenty of theories. And if you are interested in UFOs, you'd love this article of Insidermonkey, which covers the Roswell UFO conspiracy and 5 other alien conspiracy theories.

UFOs are easily one of the most recognized and well-known icons of modern pop culture. In fact, the fascination has even spawned whole religions with UFOs and aliens as the centerpiece. Of course, we also mustn’t forget the different UFO conspiracy theories being continuously peddled by people who either really want to know the truth or are just plain wacko. In any case, it’s certain that these conspiracy theories will never go out of style, especially when most of them are just downright insane.

After all, we’re talking about conspiracy theories here and they’re obviously not meant to necessarily be true, even if some people believe in them. For instance, you can read up on 6 conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination and see whether any of them ring any truth to you.

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