7 Smartphones with Best Call Quality

Nowadays, mobile phone reviews focus on battery life, display, camera, look and feel, but not always about the details related to phone calls, and comparison of their internal microphone, noise-cancelling algorithms, maximum volume, presence of distortion etc. But their main focus should be in it, no? Anyway, not all phone's main feature is not the camera. There are some phone with really good call quality. If you want to know about them, there is an article of Insidermonkey on the smartphones with the best call quality.

If there's one thing that's certain, it's that everyone's smartphone needs are different. But after hardcore research, experts of Insidermonkey determined which features are most important to the average consumer. And believe it or not, call quality is right among them. Anyway, before unveiling the smartphones with a crisp quality when it comes to calling, in case you are looking for a smartphone where you can insert a microSD card, you might want to check the 9 smartphones with expandable memory: 2015 models for a quick look!

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